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Wire Düsseldorf 2024
Springing into Innovation: Transworld Engineering is ready to show its Spring Machines at Wire Düsseldorf 2024 As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of April 2024, Transworld Engineering Ltd, a leading supplier of spring machinery, based in the UK, is gearing up for an exciting and eventful month. I...
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Spring Machinery - Glossary of Terms
Spring Machinery Glossary Term / Name Definition Wire feeder/ De coiler A turning table that the wire is fed into the machine from. Wire straighteners Straightens the wire before being fed into the feed rollers. Feed rollers Feeds the wire into the tools on the machine. Always in Pairs. Coiling poin...
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Material Types for Spring Manufacture
Different materials provide different properties in spring making. Here we take a look at the most common materials used: Low-Alloy Steel Although the intended use is always the deciding factor behind selecting the type of material, low alloy steel is usually better ferrous material than carbon stee...
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Basic Functions of a Spring Making Machine
This article refers to the mechanics and operation of a  small-scale spring rolling machine. The project scope includes the application of this spring-making machine in the small-scale industry. It can produce open and closed helical springs having different spring and spring coil diameters. On...
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Constant Force Springs
What is a Constant Force Spring? Those of you familiar with Hooke’s law will be aware that the force a material exerts is proportional to the energy used to deform it. In other words. The more you try and bend or deform a material, the harder it is to deform it further. From Wikipedia; https://en....
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Variable Diameter Springs
What is a Variable Diameter Spring? Variable diameter springs do not have a constant diameter when measured across the length of the spring. The variable diameter means that the spring does not follow Hooke’s law F=- kX Where F = Force, k is the proportional constant and x is the change in length ...
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Spring Glossary E-G
Effective Coils See the definition for active coils here. Elastic Limit The point at which a spring will become permanently deformed due to the stress. The elastic limit is a function of the spring’s material, the number of coils, the length of the spring and the tightness of the wind. Electro-gal...
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Spring Glossary A-D
Active Coils A term for coils under tension. Those coils of a spring that are actively under tension, stress, or load at any point of their use. This can be roughly calculated by dividing the length of the body by the diameter of the spring then subtracting one. Ageing The heating and setting proces...
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Manufacture of Compression Springs Part Two
Finishing a Compression Spring (by hand) Part 2 of 2 You have to continue counting until you achieve the active target coils in the completed compression spring. Then let it wind a couple of more coils. Keep counting and unfasten the lead screw. The wire lays on itself and starts forming closed coil...
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Manufacture of Compression Springs Part One
Making a Compression Spring by Hand (Part 1 of 2) This article will explain the process of manufacturing compression springs. The best way to learn the manufacturing process is to try making them by hand. This way, you will be able to appreciate what the machine does. You can find errors in the mech...
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