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Transworld Engineering is the new Agibi Progetti’s UK Agent: A Milestone in Excellence and Innovation for the UK market✨

We are delighted to announce that Transworld Engineering has officially become the UK agent for Agibi Progetti, a prestigious Italian company known for the design, construction and automation of systems for the production and heat treatment of metal and small parts solutions. This partnership marks a significant milestone for us and highlights the recognition of our persistent efforts in Italy.

Stuart Pilley, Managing Director of Transworld Engineering, shared his thoughts on this exciting development and its significance for both companies.

“This partnership is a remarkable achievement for us at Transworld Engineering,” said Stuart Pilley. “It signifies that our continuous efforts and dedication in Italy have been recognised by one of the industry’s most respected companies.”

Agibi Progetti, founded in 2001 and based not far from Verona, Italy, has built a stellar reputation for their advanced engineering solutions. Their products are not only made in Italy but also well-known for reducing energy consumption in the customers’ factories, aligning perfectly with their goals of efficiency and sustainability.

“Agibi Progetti is renowned for their high-quality, innovative products, and to be chosen as their UK representative is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation,” Stuart explained. “Their commitment to pushing technological boundaries and helping companies optimise their production processes sets them apart.”

Our customers in the UK will now have direct access to Agibi Progetti’s state-of-the-art products and solutions. This includes their innovative systems for metal and small parts production, designed to enhance efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

“By representing Agibi Progetti, we can offer our customers top-tier technology and support, ensuring they receive the best possible solutions for their manufacturing needs,” Stuart noted.

This partnership is incredibly rewarding for Transworld Engineering. “Being recognised by Agibi Progetti validates our efforts and strengthens our position in the market as a reliable and forward-thinking engineering firm,” the MD said. “We are proud to represent such a high-level company and look forward to a successful partnership.”

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Moving forward, Transworld Engineering will focus on integrating Agibi Progetti’s products into our offerings and ensuring our customers are fully supported with these new solutions.

“This partnership is just the beginning, and we are excited about the future opportunities it will bring,” Stuart continued. “We are now working on our products to continue developing and promoting innovative technologies that meet the evolving needs of the precision mechanics sector. Agibi Progetti is definitely a valuable addition to the products that we supply, and we believe that their vision of advancing technological solutions and enhancing production processes will drive us forward.”

Transworld Engineering’s new role as the UK agent for Agibi Progetti not only signifies a significant milestone in our growth but also brings immense value to our customers. With this partnership, we are poised to deliver automated solutions that improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and maintain the highest standards of quality. Our collaboration with Agibi Progetti will enable us to provide superior products and services to our clients, ensuring they stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry.

Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out Agibi Progetti’s exceptional range of products in the UK market. We are excited to share the benefits of this partnership with our customers and look forward to a prosperous journey ahead.

For more information about Agibi Progetti’s products and how they can benefit your production processes, feel free to contact us!

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