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Springing into Innovation: Transworld Engineering is ready to show its Spring Machines at Wire Düsseldorf 2024

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of April 2024, Transworld Engineering Ltd, a leading supplier of spring machinery, based in the UK, is gearing up for an exciting and eventful month. In fact, from April 15 to 19, our company is set to exhibit at the prestigious Wire Düsseldorf, booth G17 hall 16, where we will proudly showcase and demonstrate a selection of our innovative range of products.

Our exhibition participation underscores our commitment to showcasing the latest innovations in spring machinery, positioning Transworld as a central hub for European spring and wire processing companies. We provide comprehensive manufacturing solutions, including high-quality machinery sales, and ensure unparalleled engineering support throughout the product lifespan, empowering spring manufacturers for efficient in-house part production.

After years of experience in the manufacture of spring tooling, Phil Barrett embarked on research for quality spring machine manufacturers. Throughout this period, he established valuable connections worldwide, nurturing lasting friendships and robust partnerships with top manufacturers, culminating in the establishment of Transworld Engineering in 2009. Collaborating with Stuart Pilley, the company flourished, expanding its market internationally. Pilley's skills and ambition played a crucial role. In 2023, driven by his love for the industry, Pilley acquired the company, relocating the headquarters to Cradley Heath, marking a new chapter in Transworld Engineering Ltd.’s journey.

The company embodies a fusion of traditional customer care values with the contemporary aspects of technological advancement in its machines. At present, Transworld boasts a dynamic and continually growing team of young, highly skilled professionals dedicated to ensuring that the machines and after-sales services offered consistently meet or exceed expectations.

Committed to providing optimal solutions for its customers, the company recently partnered with Unison Ltd, tube bending machinery specialist, to start the new joint venture of supplying wire and small tube bending machines: Pneuform.

Pneuform Wire Bending Machines

Pneuform emerged as an early innovator in the realm of CNC 3D wire bending. Presently, its machines for bending wire and small diameter tubes have become the benchmark within the industry, adopted by numerous manufacturers of beer coolers, drink dispensers, HVAC equipment, and small diameter automotive

parts. Pneuform's range of wire bending machines encompasses rotary head models, flat rotary line bending machines, and enamelled wire bending machines.

For further information regarding Pneuform products, the engineers from Transworld (Stand G17, Hall 16, specialised in wire) and Unison (Stand 27, Hall 6, specialised in tube) will be available at the Wire show to assist with inquiries related to wire and tube solutions.

Transworld - Stand G17, Hall 16

At Stand G17 in Hall 16 at Wire Düsseldorf, visitors will be able to discover the tube and wire bending technologies offered across the Transworld and Pneuform machine tool ranges. Between our machines, we chose to put on display three: TWE-830, TWE-NM1220X and TWE-1245.


Our 8-axis High-speed CNC Coiler machine stands out as one of our best-selling products in Europe, primarily due to its capacity to efficiently handle a widely used range of wires (Ø1-3mm).


We are set to reveal our flagship CNC wire former at the Dusseldorf Wire Show, featuring 12 axes and the characteristic X-shaped slide layout, equipped with vertically and lateral movement and multi-tooling holders.


An efficient larger and powerful wire former that can craft round and flat wire shapes (Ø 1.2 – 4.5mm), including clock springs. Optional add-ons include a bending station, ideal for larger legs, and a servo cutter for a smooth, burr-free finish.

Spring Analysis Systems Inc:

In addition to Transworld’s engineers, the SAS team will be present in the stand, showcasing a selection of their innovative testers and automatic sorting machines.

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For more product information, please contact:

Stuart Pilley – Managing Director, Transworld Engineering Ltd.

T: +44(0) 121 7400189

E: [email protected]


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