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Thanks to the long-standing relationship we have with the founders of Spring Analysis Systems Inc. (SAS), we at Transworld Engineering are pleased to have earned the title of Agent for the company

Spring Analysis Systems Inc. (SAS) supplies our range of spring testing products, including compression, tension and torsion testers, life cycle and fatigue testers and the latest line of vision inspection equipment for both axi-symmetrical parts and for 2 and 3 D wire forms.

SAS Inc. Spring Testers are designed with precision and accuracy in mind, measuring the essential functions and attributes of any spring. Whether you require a programmable machine for mass testing or a small manual tester for spot checks, our range will offer a solution for your business. We also supply actuator and valve testers, force testers and damper testers.

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CT Series (C Frame) Compression & Extension Spring Testers

The CT Series are Programmable Compression / Extension Servo Driven Spring Testers.

This Family of Testers is constructed with a C Frame design.

CT Series (H Frame), High Capacity Compression & Extension Spring Testers

The CT Series are Programmable Compression / Extension Servo Driven Spring Testers.
This Family of Testers are constructed with a H Frame design using either 2 or 4 ballscrews.

CTMS Series (Manual Testers)

The CTMS Series are manual Compression / Extension Spring Testers.
This Family of Testers are divided into two distinct models; standard models and PC models.

CTV 1600 Series, Axis-symetric Spring Vision Measurement System (E1, E2, L0, OD, Pitch Trace)

The CTV-1600 Series are programmable vision measurement systems that measures the following parameters:

  • Perpendicularity (E1)
  • Parallelism (E2)
  • Free Length (Fl)
  • Outside Diameter (OD)
  • Concentricity
  • Pitch Gap and Pitch Height

CTV-2000 Series, 2D and 3D dimensional measurement system

The CTV-2000 Series are programmable vision measurement systems of 2D or 3D parts. They exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Automatic and /or manual part recognition
  • Multiple Part Inspectionfor Measurement of 2D and 3D parts
  • Programmable from DXF CAD Files
  • Excellent R&R Performance
  • SPC Control Charts, Analysis and Reports
  • Up to 180mmx160mm Vision space. (on CTV2000XYZ HR model)
  • 5 Mpixel Cmos Telecentric camera and lens on all models

LST Series (Spring Fatigue Testing System)

LST Series is a fatigue / life cycle tester that can be configured as follows:

  •  PC version:
    • Monitoring, storing and reporting of forces at each test station for each cycle.
    • Height gauges to allow for easy setup.
    • Programmable for failure definition and for pre-designed speed curves.
  • Mechanical Version.
    • Includes a cycle counter and a speed control knob.
    • No data is monitored or stored in this version

They exhibit the following characteristics;

  • Up to 20000N force capacity. (10000N on each test head)
  • 2 test heads available
  • Each test head contains up to 6 independent test stations
  • 25 Hz maximum cycle speed
  • Optional temperature controlled heating unit available

Damper Tester

This damper tester is the latest development. It dynamically tests Shock absorbers or gas springs up to 50000N. The mounting is adaptable to test several dampers simultaneously.

The technical specifications are summarized below:

  • 2 load cells to inspect 2 parts simultaneously
  • Maximum test speed of 180mm/s
  • Maximum load for each load cell 2500N with a total combined load of 5000N
  • Programmable for both forward and reverse travel directions
  • At each tolerance point the speed of travel can be changed dynamically from 0.01mm/s up to 180mm/s
  • The machine can interface and be controlled by a PLC for in-process inspection
  • Results can be recorded and loaded into Excel for analysis
  • Tolerance curves can be designed in Excel and imported into the CT5000HS program

For more information, please contact us.

Actuator and valve testers

Actuators and valves are used in different industries like oil, gas and water. This rig tests actuators and valves, shows the torques results and creates reports with R&R data. This is a summary of the characteristics of these test rigs:

  • Tests pneumatic double acting and single acting valve actuators
  • Tests and quantifies torque to open and close valves
  • Fully maps the torque/angle opening and closing characteristics
  • Multiple load cell capability up to 2000Nm torque
  • Valve and actuator connections conform to ISO5211 standard
  • Fully programmable test envelopes, can be saved and used per part number
  • Data captured can be opened directly in Microsoft Excel for post processing
  • Software compatable with Microsoft Windows XP, 7 and 8
  • Includes full self calibration hardware and software

Force Testers

SAS produces force testers for several applications; of course for testing the load of springs but also for bottle cap openers.

The testers are custom made. If you have a requirement to test a load, please contact us.

ALT Series (Automated modular spring testing systems)

The ALT Series System is an automated modular spring tester, setter and sorter

T Series Torsion Spring and Bar Testers

The T Series are Programmable Servo Driven Torsion Spring Testers with two interchangeable torque cells per tester.
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