Spiral Oven

Discover the Efficiency of the Spiral Oven TWE-HZIG0A with a Free 2-Month Trial!

We are excited to re-introduce the Spiral Oven TWE-HZIG0A, our innovative, space-saving solution designed specifically for springs and wireforms production, now back in stock!

To celebrate, we’re offering a free 2-month trial, giving you the chance to experience its exceptional features and efficiency first-hand.

Compact and Efficient Design

The Spiral Oven TWE-HZIG0A is a marvel of engineering, perfect for factories where space is at a premium. With dimensions of 770mm height, 460mm length, and 490mm depth, and a weight of just 65kg, this compact oven can be conveniently disposed under machines in production lines. This clever design reduces the time between processes, eliminating unnecessary delays and optimizing your workflow.

Advanced Temperature and Vibration Control

Equipped with advanced temperature control, the Spiral Oven TWE-HZIG0A can reach up to 450 degrees Celsius, ensuring precise and consistent heat treatment of your springs. Additionally, the oven features innovative vibration control, allowing you to adjust the time between vibrations, vibration intensity, and consequently, the speed of the cooking process. These customizable settings ensure that you can fine-tune the process to meet your specific production requirements.

Easy Storage and Mobility

When not in use, the small footprint of the Spiral Oven TWE-HZIG0A makes it easy to store, significantly reducing wasted space in your factory. The lockable wheels make it easy to move the oven around your production floor, providing flexibility and convenience.

Simple Plug-In Installation

The oven uses a standard 3 or 2-pin plug, making it incredibly easy to install and use anywhere in your facility. No specialized electrical work is required, allowing you to get up and running quickly.

Ideal for Small Spring Production

This compact tempering furnace is ideal for producers of springs up to 1.6mm who are looking for an efficient solution to simplify their production process. The Spiral Oven TWE-HZIG0A enhances productivity while maintaining high-quality output, making it an essential tool for any modern factory.

Try It Free for 2 Months

We believe in the power and efficiency of the Spiral Oven TWE-HZIG0A, and we want you to experience it without any commitment. That’s why we’re offering a free 2- month trial, you will just have to cover just the shipping costs to book your slot. Take advantage of this opportunity to see how our oven can transform your production process, reduce waste, and save valuable space in your factory.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer. Contact us today to arrange your free trial and discover the efficiency and convenience of the Spiral Oven TWE-HZIG0A.

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