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 of shinko machinery co ltd

“We have been making business of spring machines since our foundation in 1961 through facing sincerely with technologies, quality, and customers. “Springs” are used in various places and occasions, and are playing important roles such as for automobile parts. 

We believe “Repeatability” is key technology and quality for spring making machines. Repeatability means each manufacturing unit repeats same movements accurately plenty of times to make same shapes of springs from wire materials. The first springs and the one millionth springs from our equipment should be same. All processes of designing frames, beds, parts of manufacturing units, selecting electric parts and components, inspecting parts, units, components, assembling, and completing are done in order to realize the repeatability.

Our service policy to customers is to make our customers at ease with our products by our first considering customers’ manufacturing business. We are always keeping in mind that we have to usually communicate with customers, exchange information, and make quick response to their requests and questions. When troubles take place, we are trying to contact with customers immediately, and correspond to the trouble at first for customers’ manufacturing restoration.

We have world customers in more than 30 countries. Our customers’ businesses are getting more and more global in the future. We hope we are able to be selected as a customers’ business partner by making good relationships through our service and repeatability.”

"Along with the progress of CNC machines, instead of complicated mechanical designs, the use of commercially available drive system parts such as servo motors, reducers, ball screws, bearings, etc. has increased. Our machine designers consider the necessary functions and loads (size, direction) for spring processing, and select parts according to the location and optimal combination of them. In order to maximize the performance, high technical skills are required also at the manufacturing stage, such as scraping and assembling with mechanically designed parts such as slides and shafts."