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3 x machines available in a semi-automatic FFP2 production line:

Machine 1
Main mask body making machine which runs at 120 pcs/minute

Machine 2
Mask ear looping machine which runs at 20pcs/minute

Machine 3
Mask edging machine which also runs at 20pcs/minute

Using all 3 machines it is therefore possible for the overall production speed to be 120pcs/min if 1 mask body machine , 5 ear looping machines and 5 mask edging machines are utilised on the production line (this requires increase from 3 or 4 to 11 or 12 workers on the production line however).

Therefore based on an 8 hour, 5 day working week of non-stop production at 20pcs /minute 48,000 mask could be produced or if running at maximum capacity at 120pcs/minute then 288,000 masks could be produced per week.

This production line is semi-automatic, and it requires 3 or 4 workers on the production line assuming running at 20pcs/min. The machines are produced by our own existing and trusted supplier who we work with already for our spring machines. Machine fully CE compliant. Masks it produces are fully compliant with UK government regulations.

The machines produce 5-ply FFP2 masks which filter 95% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size.

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