Spring Machinery – Glossary of Terms

Spring Machinery Glossary

Term / NameDefinition

Wire feeder/ De coiler

A turning table that the wire is fed into the machine from.

Wire straighteners

Straightens the wire before being fed into the feed rollers.

Feed rollers

Feeds the wire into the tools on the machine. Always in Pairs.

Coiling point

A tool used to create the spring shape/ barrel.

Wire guide

Placed between the rollers to guide the wire. Prevents buckling.


Where the wire is fed from on a Wireforming machine.

Bending Tools

Tools used on a wire former to achieve the desired shape.

CNC Programming

Computer numerical control (CNC) is a method for programming the machine.

Extension Spring

Unlike compression springs, extension springs are closed coil helical springs. They are suitable for creating tension, storing the energy, and using the energy to return the spring to its original shape.

Compression Spring

Compression springs are open-coil helical springs with a constant coiled diameter and variable shape that resists axial compression.

Torsion Spring

A torsion spring is attached to two different components using its two ends. This keeps the two components apart at a certain angle. These springs use radial direction when force is acting radially due to rotation.

Wireforming / Wire form

A shape manufactured from wire, this can be any shape and is much broader.

Outside diameter

Width of the spring measured from outside the coil.

Length Gauge

A mechanical gauge to check the length of the spring, this also instructs the machine to adjust the spring.

Laser Probe

Commonly used on a Wireforming machine, a laser probe that checks the position of the spring.

CNC controller

Computer numerical control system that allows the machine to be programmed.

Spring testing machine

Various models of compression and tension can be tested. Life cycle and fatigue testers and vision inspection equipment for symmetrical parts and for 2 and 3 D wire forms.

Torsion testing machine

To determine sample behaviour when twisted, or under torsional forces, because of applied moments that cause shear stress about the axis.

Servo Drive

A servo drive is an electronic amplifier used to power electric servomechanisms.

A servo drive monitors the feedback signal from the servomechanism and continually adjusts for deviation from expected behaviour.

Camera Gauge

Camera control gauge for compression springs, measures, and corrects the length and diameter of the spring on the coiling machine.


A rotating part in a mechanical linkage used especially in transforming rotary motion into linear motion or vice versa.

Servo Spinner

Servo spinners, are electronic devices and rotary or linear actuators that rotate and push parts of a machine with precision.

Servo Cutter

The cutter can cut thick material at high-speed position and fusible material at low-speed position.

Super Spinner

Used on the TWE- 1420 and TWE-1445, a tool that can make Horizontally, vertically and rotate 360°.

Wire bending unit

Attachment that moves the bending head away from the machine for, predominantly used for large wireforms.

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