SAS – LST Series

SAS – LST Series


LST Series (Spring Fatigue Testing System)

LST Series is a fatigue / life cycle tester that can be configured as follows:

  •  PC version:
    • Monitoring, storing and reporting of forces at each test station for each cycle.
    • Height gauges to allow for easy setup.
    • Programmable for failure definition and for pre-designed speed curves.
  • Mechanical Version.
    • Includes a cycle counter and a speed control knob.
    • No data is monitored or stored in this version

They exhibit the following characteristics;

  • Up to 20000N force capacity. (10000N on each test head)
  • 2 test heads available
  • Each test head contains up to 6 independent test stations
  • 25 Hz maximum cycle speed
  • Optional temperature controlled heating unit available
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