SAS – Damper Tester

SAS – Damper Tester


Damper Tester

This damper tester is the latest development. It dynamically tests Shock absorbers or gas springs up to 50000N. The mounting is adaptable to test several dampers simultaneously.

The technical specifications are summarized below:

  • 2 load cells to inspect 2 parts simultaneously
  • Maximum test speed of 180mm/s
  • Maximum load for each load cell 2500N with a total combined load of 5000N
  • Programmable for both forward and reverse travel directions
  • At each tolerance point the speed of travel can be changed dynamically from 0.01mm/s up to 180mm/s
  • The machine can interface and be controlled by a PLC for in-process inspection
  • Results can be recorded and loaded into Excel for analysis
  • Tolerance curves can be designed in Excel and imported into the CT5000HS program

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